attractive website

How to create an attractive website?

So, you want to make a useful, beautiful and convenient site. What is needed for this? What factors influence the popularity of a website? Where is the best place to start building your own website? And what mistakes can lie in wait along the way? I tried to highlight the main reasons that, in my […]

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Website loading

Website loading speed is important

According to the latest research, half of Internet users wait no more than 2 seconds for a website to load. If your project does not fit into this norm, then it does not matter how beautiful the design is, stylish typography or useful content – there is a risk that a person will simply close […]

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web development

Web development – where to start?

Programming Recently on the stack overflow site I saw a question in which a C ++ programmer asked what you need to start learning in order to later become a web developer. In his words, he began by studying php, but on the advice of friends he switched to reality, at some point he discovered […]

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web design

The Advantage of a minimal design

Now let”s move on to the most interesting, namely, to the advantages of this direction and their use in real projects. 1. Lack of mishura and disorder What is excessive is not healthy. When creating a layout, it”s very easy to get carried away, include everything that is possible, and as a result, you will […]

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What is e-commerce?

E-commerce, or e-commerce, is a sphere of the economy when trade and financial transactions are carried out on the Internet. In simple terms, any transaction made from an electronic device connected to the network. An analogue of a shopping center, but with a large assortment and comfort: you can visit it without leaving your home. […]

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