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Finding a Digital Consultant or Internet Marketing Expert in Sacramento will typically take time, effort and hours searching the web, vetting reviews and more then a few phone calls. The process can be frustrating and sometimes you end up hearing the same thing over and over again. There are a few key things you should look for when picking a digital consultant in sacramento to take over the online presence of your business. After all, this is the reputation of your business we are talking about.

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What to Look for in a Sacramento Digital Consultant

When picking a Digital Consultant he/she needs to have the skills and knowledge to be able to help you grow. You would expect a Consultant to have experience or be an expert in Local Advertising, SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ), Web Design and Website Structure & Business Profiles like Google Maps and Bing Business Accounts. Having Knowledge of these 6 things is a Must! A Digital Consultant needs practical working knowledge of these of these crucial internet marketing staples. Not only should an internet marketer be able to give you the Wikipedia definitions they should have proof or clients that they can show you where these things have been tested and have been successful.

Local Advertising Sacramento

Local Advertising can be one of the most crucial parts of internet marketing. Local Advertising means the 15 mile radius around your business should have been “touched” someway, somehow and can relate to your product or service. A touch can be a flyer, door hanger, billboard, radio advertisement, groupon, or someone in the vicinity has given you an endorsement or quality review. Finding a Google Local Guide or Quality Yelp Reviewer would be ideal.


SEO or Search Engine Optimization Sacramento

SEO is extremely important when it comes to digital marketing. A skilled Digital Consultant should be able to identify a weaknesses in your market and build a digital web presence in each and every city your product or service is relevant. If we use Sacramento as an example, An Advertising Company that does Web Design should show up for the Keyword “Web Design” regardless if you are in Sacramento, Arden, Natomas, North Natomas, Carmichael, Citrus Heights, Antelope, Folsom, Rocklin or Roseville. They should also show up if you type “Web Design Sacramento”, “Web Design Folsom” ect.


Google Maps & Bing Maps Sacramento

Business Profiles are how 90% of companies are found online by people searching on a mobile device or tablet. The Google Search Engine uses a platform called Google My Business  ( and the Microsoft Search Engine Bing is called Bing Places ( If you have a brick and mortar type business in Sacramento a Trusted Digital Consultant should be proficient in Optimizing both of these business profiles for your business name and top 5 keywords.

Web Design Sacramento

Having a website on the internet alone is not going to generate revenue. An expert Consultant should have the skills to create what is called a Sales Funnel and use your website as not only a place holder but a revenue stream for your business. Just like having a well designed office or store is important, having a well designed website is equally important. A Digital consultant in Sacramento will be able to show you exactly what is missing, needs to be fixed and demonstrate the drop off point (the point at which a customer leaves your site) and what should be done to fix this website error.

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