Business Marketing

How to guide: Business Marketing.

Business Marketing can be split up into many different categories bases on the industry you are marketing. There is no specifit way to Market a business and 90% of the time a business marketing plan will encompass a few different marketing strategies to be successful.


Direct Business Marketing

Direct Marketing for business is one of the oldest forms of business marketing. These types of marketing are referred to as B2B Marketing or D2D Marketing. Direct Marketing is any marketing effort that includes going direct to your customer and selling them there instead of letting the customer come to you.

Paid Advertisement for Business Marketing

Paid Advertisements are almost mandatory for Business Marketing. Paid advertisements include referral sites, pay per click advertising, video marketing, coupon books, premium yelp listings and services like groupon. Many successful business are only what they are today because of their paid advertisement marketing strategies.

Business Marketing Sales – Coupons – Specials

Sales gimmicks are still running the market. Although calling them sales gimmicks is taboo, a BOGO or 10% off purchase code will turn more customers off an instragram add then a ppc campaign selling for full price any day. Doctors, Dentists, Restaurants, Plumbers, House Cleaners, Insurance Agents — any one of these industries can benefit from sales or coupon specials in their business marketing plan.

Business Marketing Online

Online sales are growing more and more every year. 90% of peope under the age of 40 use the internet namely their cellular phones to find products or services online. This means online marketing is more important then it has ever been! Google Maps Listings, Bing Maps Listings, SEO & PPC must be included in a proper sales funnel in 2017. Online Marketing can make or break your internet marketing strategy if done correctly.

Local Business Marketing

Local Business’ are the back bone of the american economy. Local Marketing is still relevant in this day and age. Examples of Local Marketing would be Reputation Management. When dealing in a tight group of people reputation is everything. This means Yelp Reviews, Google+ Reviews, Weekly Specials, Happy Hour Specials, Direct Mailers with coupons, Chamber of Commerce and locally targeted facebook ads.

SEO For Business Marketing

SEO is still relevant in 2017. Making sure your business is visible in your surrounding cities or market above your competition has never been more important. Being on page 1 for your business or service could be the difference between 10% visibility and 90% visibility for you main keywords. That means either 1 phone call or 9 phone calls to your business due to a properly ranked website. Find a good Search Engine Optimization Firm and let your Digital Consultant handle the rest!