SEO For Ecommerce Websites

Do I Need SEO For Ecommerce Websites?

YES! The answer is definitely yes. You need SEO for ecommerce websites. 

Ecommerce websites or websites that sell merchandise online have a huge potential for ranking high on search engines. Ecommerce websites have an even greater possibility to rank for keywords or groups of keywords online then average content or service websites. The reason ecommerce website can rank so well when optimized properly is because of their large amount of products, categories and options associated with a specific product group… cloths, toys, shoes ect… Keep in mind that Ecommerce Web Design is not the same as regular website design.

  • Ecommerce Shopping Carts must be designed for users.
  • Ecommerce Shopping Carts SEO Structured Based On Search Volume.
  • Ecommerce Shopping Cart SEO Coded for Search Visibility(products, categories, sub-categories, options.)
  • Ecommerce Shopping Carts have lots of SEO content for Categories and Options Optimized(based on search engine results.)
  • Ecommerce Shopping Carts use Structured Data Product Markup for SEO.
  • 80% of people shop on their phones. An Ecommerce website Must Be Responsive.

SEO For Shopping Cart – Shopping Cart SEO Example:

Bear with me, I promise I have a point. Imagine a Fish store that sells unique fish, rare fish, colorful fish, blue fish, green fish, purple fish, salt water fish, fresh water fish, fish for ponds, fish food and aquarium supplies for fish. Now these are only 10 examples of things that could be in the ecommerce shopping cart for the fish store. If the store was Structured Property(we will get to that soon) the massive amount of weight being the keyword “fish” associated with that many different products would likely make your ecommerce site an authority on fish. Each one of these products will have its own page that can be optimized with keywords, title tags, structured data markup for products, content, images and categories that can be seo coded for search. If each of the product pages in your shopping cart was optimized properly the visibility compared to a shopping cart that wasn’t optimized would be drastically different. With SEO Content, SEO Titles, SEO Structured Data, title and alt tag images properly, seo enforced category options I have seen 300% increase in sales in only 3-4 months with an ecommerce seo shopping cart campaign. Macy’s is the perfect example of structure, categories, design based on search volume.


SEO Structure for Shopping Carts and Ecommerce Websites

Site Structure in an ecommerce website is one of the most important parts of the seo process. Ecommerce and shopping cart websites must be build with seo in mind. If your shopping cart is not organized based on search volume you could lose 50-75% of the users that would otherwise find your site and purchase a product. If I make more money selling Gold Ring on my jewelry site, yet I have 30 different types of cubic zirconium displayed, chances are I will rank online for Cubic Zirconium rings & 90% of my visitors will be looking for that product. This is an extremely important part of seo and ecommerce web design. Please! DO NOT hire a web designer that does not know seo site structure for shopping carts without consulting with an seo expert first. As a Digital Consultant I love working with web designers. They are usually amazing at what they do but without guidance on what must be in a shopping cart related to the specific market of the goods sold, you could end up needing a complete ecommerce shopping cart re-build.


Structured Data SEO for Ecommerce Sopping Cart Websites

There are a whole lot of resources online for structured data markup online accessible. launched a structured data library for the internet and it is growing rapidly. Structured Data is extra metadata that helps search engines take the guess work about your product, price, description, and many more options that could give you a huge advantage online. Google has a Structured Data Testing tool that will validate your code and make sure it is correct and contains the proper information. Google also has an introduction to structured data page that can guide you through the process. BE CAREFUL, IMPROPER STRUCTURED DATA CAN GET YOU PENALIZED OR INDEXED WHERE PEOPLE CANNOT FIND YOUR PRODUCT ONLINE. Do not take this lightly. Incorrect website markup can be worse then no markup at all.

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