Online Marketing

What is Online Marketing?

What is Online Marketing is a question that comes up in passing quite regularly. The problem isnt the question or the answer. The problem to properly answering the question “What is Online Marketing?” is how do I answer it in the context to the person asking. Online marketing is different but the same in every industry. I say it is different because the online industry for every service and every industry looks a little different online in any given location therefore executing Online Marketing properly will essentially have a different answer. I say Online Marketing is the same because we always ask the same questions when building a marketing plan. Check out the beginners guide to marketing.

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Online Marketing Takes Creative Thinking

Following processes and closing out a checklist is NOT online marketing. The internet is ever changing because of technology, habits, trends & seasons. When Black friday first launched people were waiting outside in line at 7 in the morning to purchase items on discount prices. Emails lists and online advertisements boasts of the greatest sales of the season. As the years went on, more and more stores were opening up at 7am for the HUGE Sales. A creative online marketing strategy mixes up the norm. A creative online marketing strategy would capitalize on 4am because that will give your buyers enough time to also make the 7am sales if they plan it right and give you a whole lot less competition when the doors open. The email blasts would advertise even bigger sales for the first 3 hours the store is open generating millions of dollars more revenue before your competition even has a chance. Creative thinking runs the online marketing industry.

The Branding Behind Online Marketing

Branding is one of the most fundamental forms of Online Marketing. Every business needs to have a brand. Your brand should connect or appeal to your target audience. If I was a high end jewelry story I promise I would pay for a 30 second commercial when my video advertisement was a surfer shredding awesome waves. Surfing is an awesome sport and if I were selling a brand of clothing that I just launched in PacSun my video advertisement would definitely brand that image. Since I am selling upscale jewelry, my brand would be elegant, timeless and probably classic.  You first have to ask “Who is my Demographic” and “How am I going to relate to my Demographic?” Answering these two questions will get your business half way to the direction of you branding your online marking agenda.

Using Online Marketing to Getting Traffic To Your Website

Location. Location. Location. – Just as having the right location is important when operating a brick and mortar shop. When running a business, owning your online real estate is also extremely beneficial. Online Marketing would not be complete without some time of SEO strategy. SEO is used in Online Marketing to gain visibility in as many places across the web as possible for any search term your user base might be searching for. If I was selling Search  Engine Optimization in Sacramento and I was advertising for SEO in Folsom I might not have the same high closing ratio as if my seo firm was in Folsom and I was selling search engine optimization in Folsom. This is called Local SEO. Now if I was a National SEO Company, which Web ED is, I would want to show up in Folsom, Sacramento, Rocklin, Roseville, Arden, Natomas, Lodi, El Dorado Hills and as many other locations I could show up for. SEO is a must in online marketing.